Personal Narrative is about so much more than just “show vs. tell” techniques designed to bring a personal story to life. It’s a way to ignite a passion for writing, while fostering self-healing and empowerment by writing the deeply emotional stories that need to be shared.

At Write it Out Loud, we know the life-changing power of personal narrative because we’ve experienced it firsthand. By writing about our personal battles with trauma, divorce, cancer and vision loss, we’ve been able to move past our struggles and turn our adversity into strength. Over the years, we have used our stories and lessons learned to help more than fifteen hundred people of all ages tap into the transformational power of personal narrative.

We’ve now come together to expand our classes, workshops, and personal writing/story development services to help as many people as possible find healing and empowerment through personal storytelling. We also leverage the new world of publishing to produce anthologies that give voice to stories that need to be heard.

If you are interested in unleashing the healing power of personal narrative for yourself, your school or your organization, we would love to hear from you.

What People Are Saying

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing Ingrid Ricks give a keynote speech at a conference for youth service providers. Ingrid held us all spellbound as she spoke of transforming students’ lives through personal storytelling. After Ingrid’s keynote, I sought her out so I could get more tips. Without a doubt, hearing Ingrid’s keynote has changed my approach for working with young people who have faced difficult challenges.”  – Jerry Sherk, Youth Mentoring Consultant and Trainer

“Yesterday was such a gift—not just for the students, but also for me. I left feeling so grateful for your presentation and being able to work for a grant that allows such experiences to happen for students.” Sara Cameron, GEAR UP Success Coordinator, Cascade High School

“Corbin, I want you to know how good it feels to be working with you. I feel like you have my back and your support means so much. I am so grateful that you ‘get it’ about what I am doing. I love the way the stories are shaping up and I know it won’t be long before I am asking for your help in the publishing part of this project! Thank you so very much.” Judith Laxer, minister, therapist, and author of Along the Wheel of Time

“I was in your Hugo House class and absolutely loved hearing you speak. I could have listened to you for hours. I also found it very helpful to write that short little piece on conflict that you had us do, particularly in light of what you’d shared with us. Thank you!” Marisol Trowbridge

“The course was amazing and created a very safe space for me to explore a very difficult time.” Bonnie Wakerman, middle school science teacher

“Thank you for pushing me to express my feelings both positive and negative through writing. This class has brought me a ton of joy and I didn’t view it as work but a joyful opportunity to grow and learn new writing techniques” Ashley Greene, teacher, Michigan

“Thank you for your inspiration and for pushing me to tell my story.” Jose Saenz, high school Spanish teacher

“Thank you for everything – but most of all for giving my students a voice. The courage and confidence that my students internalized from this collaboration is nothing short of miraculous.” Alison Ersfeld, English Teacher, Meadowdale High School

For three hours, most of the time you couldn’t hear a pin drop as New York Times bestselling author Ingrid Ricks captivated participants at our Summer Institutes’ “Tapping Into the Soul of Teaching Retreat” in Port Townsend, WA. In my twenty-eight years as the President/Founder of Summer Institutes, I have never had a speaker that could hold a crowd just with her words–without the use of technology or notes. My goal now is to share her “Unleashing the Power of Personal Narrative” presentation to educators across the nation…she is that good!” Scott A Ricardo, President/Founder, Summer Institutes

 “Thank you for inspiring our students.” – Jill Wilson-Zahn, Social Worker, Highline School District