We offer keynote addresses and conference workshops on the following topics:

  • Unleashing the Power of Personal Narrative
  • Bringing Your Personal Narrative to Life
  • The Secret to Becoming a Dreamer who Does
  • How to Embrace the NOW – And Make it Count
  • Turning Adversity into an Asset
  • Writing “Sins” to Avoid
  • How to Stay Motivated in a Competitive Market

What People are Saying

For three hours, most of the time you couldn’t hear a pin drop as New York Times bestselling author Ingrid Ricks captivated participants at our Summer Institutes’ “Tapping Into the Soul of Teaching Retreat” in Port Townsend, WA. In my twenty-eight years as the President/Founder of Summer Institutes, I have never had a speaker that could hold a crowd just with her words–without the use of technology or notes. My goal now is to share her “Unleashing the Power of Personal Narrative” presentation to educators across the nation…she is that good! — Scott A Ricardo, President/Founder, Summer Institutes

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing Ingrid Ricks give a keynote speech at a conference for youth service providers. Ingrid held us all spellbound as she spoke of transforming students’ lives through personal storytelling. After Ingrid’s keynote,  I sought her out so I could get more tips. Without a doubt, hearing Ingrid’s keynote has changed my approach for working with young people who have faced difficult challenges.”  – Jerry Sherk, Youth Mentoring Consultant and Trainer

“Ingrid, thank you for the great speech you gave Thursday night at the Youth Challenge Awards. The kids were very inspired.”  – Mike Neumeister, Area Director, Alderwood Boys & Girls Club

“Corbin – what a smooth-flowing and info-filled and fun presentation! You two had the audience in the palm of your hands– slides were such a help, and then all the examples and info around them so fresh and simple and strong–it seemed so low-key but the content was high-powered! You are a natural at talking to groups ” – Kay