Developmental Editing

Once you have a draft of your story it is helpful to meet with our qualified and experienced editors to help strengthen and shape your manuscript.

Developmental edits include evaluating and assessing the consistency and development of the characters; the effectiveness and flow of dialog; assessing the plot arc, flow, twists, pace, and use of suspense; enhancing the theme, and evaluating and improving the overall impact and effectiveness of the book. We make suggestions on where these areas need improvements and suggest how to do so as well as point out strengths in the manuscript. We line edit the manuscript and make comments, changes, and suggestions tracked in Word as well as provide an overall assessment (usually two pages long) of what worked well in the manuscript, what we changed and why, suggestions on how to move forward, and what we see as your next steps for revising.

Development edits are $125/hour. Average price for a 50,000 word manuscript is $1700.

What People Are Saying

“Thank God for talented editors. Your version is MUCH better! Please make the changes you’ve suggested. They are perfect. Whoever said writing was re-writing was dead on. Thank you so very much. With gratitude and admiration. —Emilie Winthrop, executive editor of SD Decor and Style magazine

“Corbin—I just want to say THANK YOU for all your excellent work and guidance on Tara’s book. You truly transformed it and brought it to a whole new level. I love working with you!! I totally agree with everything you have said and wanted to express my deep appreciation and gratitude! Keep up the amazing work!”— Beth Kaufman, Managing Editor of Lesson Ladder

“Thanks for your excellent editing Corbin. You’ve only edited two of my articles, but I’ve learned much from you already. I struggled with organization in this article and couldn’t figure out how to improve the flow. You did that brilliantly.” – Sandra M. Christensen, MSN, ARNP, FOMA, Obesity Medicine Specialist, Speaker & Author

“I am learning so much through this process and can’t thank you enough. Spun quickly through your edits on the first part and once again congratulating myself on my brilliant choice of editor. Your suggestions are brilliant!”Michael McDermott, Author of the Patent Desk

“I’ve only scanned the first few chapters, but your suggestions are DEAD ON! Love, love, LOVE your ideas/suggestions!! I’m so excited!! Thank you so much, Corbin! You have been so fabulous to work with and I appreciate your feedback, comments, and honesty so much. I’m making lots of progress on the manuscript and I’m LOVING your suggestions. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. This manuscript is a million times better because of you, and I’m so grateful!”
—Marni Mann, Author of Seductive Shadows

“You’re totally spot-on with the edits. The notes are great! I’m thinking I get the gist of what’s missing and how I need to “tell the reader more.” You’ve done a fantastic job with thorough, thoughtful, critical yet supportive feedback. It didn’t hurt one bit. I know it’s got a ways to go, but that’s what this is about—growing as a writer and giving the stories the weight they deserve.”—Michael Blankenburg, Author of A Long Haired Handsome Jesus

“Thank You Corbin. I went through your notes and am happy with all of your suggestions. I’m glad that you are excited about the project, I am also getting there. It was a wonderful journey working with you on this book. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I look forward to my next book with you …”Raj Persaud, author of Living with Purpose: Pt Sirju’s Spirited Journey

“I just read through the ‘macro edits,’ and Corbin—I love them!! You are so right on about everything you have said and I can’t wait to get started making these changes!! You bring up amazing points. I  am so excited to dive deep into the book again and look through all your detailed edits. I think you are so right on about these edits, and I am so excited to make this book shine!! Thank you! Thank you!”Saralynne Davis, Author of Making Kid Time Count